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Переход на русскоязычную версию официального сайта завода по производству светодиодных светильников компании "Good Light"


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The Russian factory of LED lamps “Good Light” launches a dropshipping program.

The company “Good Light” always strives to be at the forefront among the leaders of Russian industrial enterprises.
We actively introduce the newest, most advanced technologies and cooperation options. In recent years, very the system of work on dropshipping became popular. So what is it? What is the essence of the work on this system?

The very name of such a system came from the English word "Dropship" - "drop shipping". Yes, it is direct delivery and is carried out from the manufacturing plant to the final buyer. The dropshipping mechanism is simple - if you have a website, an online store selling a blog on social networks, you can safely work with us on this system, speaking in intermediary roles. Even if you do not have a website, we are ready to provide a ready-made landing page template.

How does the dropshipping system work?

Are you looking for a person or company who is ready to buy our LED lamps, invoice for payment. After the client has transferred you money for it, you pay the bill to us at the wholesale price, and the difference keep to yourself. Further, we process the order and deliver the goods to the address indicated by you yourself or ship it. transport company to your city. The client is satisfied - he received the LED lamp from the manufacturer, and we are - earned.

What are the benefits of working on a dropshipping system with Good Light?

The most important advantage is that you can build your own business from scratch, practically without investment. You do not need to keep a warehouse and logistics service - we will deliver the goods to the customer. Your the task is just to find a client. In case of technical issues related to LED lighting assigned to your region specialist will provide expert advice. In addition, we are in Most of the cases are ready to go to your city and together with you to meet with the client, to visit the object. We can even help with the organization and financing of the exhibition stand, if a profile is held in your city Exhibition! Moreover, nothing will prevent you from looking for customers in another region - we carry out delivery throughout Russia.

If you are already working on this system with other suppliers or even with a completely different product group - this is not will be a hindrance.

The risk of miscalculation with the price is minimized, because you do not buy goods at the warehouse. You will not have stock balance - you can always retrain to another product (the same toys, clothes or cosmetics - such offers from There are a lot of companies willing to cooperate on the system of dropshipping). Just change the range of the site and that's it. Highly It is important to find a reliable supplier. We value our reputation in the market, so all the risks of working with us are reduced to the minimum. The company "Good Light" guarantees its partners the best prices as for LED fixtures, and on accessories for their production. We do not break the agreed delivery time of goods, as always have warehouse stock. A wide range of our products will provide any request for high-quality lighting of offices, enterprises, shopping centers, shops, warehouses, hangars, streets and houses territories. The quality of our products is not in doubt, but is confirmed by numerous awards. If you need promotional materials - we will provide. Moreover, if our cooperation becomes stable, it is possible that our relationship will grow into a dealership.

Or maybe your success will be so impressive that we will just have to open a branch office in your city, and how do you think, who will become its leader? In fact, starting a business without an investment, you are with our you can become a leader of a stable enterprise in your city and even establish production in place.

Let's start small!

Why do selling LED lamps profitable?

At the moment, this is the most steadily progressive business, since LED lighting is the most energy efficient and economical way of lighting any objects. The demand for LED equipment is very high, as now the LED revolution is going on all over the country - the transition from traditional light sources to LED. The main consumers of LED equipment are companies that are willing to pay five- six-figure amounts - only 2-3 such clients can provide you with a good monthly income without much hassle. The statement that Russian manufacturers produce goods much more expensive than Chinese has long lost its relevance - this is confirmed by our action "5% of the competitor's account". Our prices are competitive even in compared with high-quality lamps from China. You have questions? Write, call, we are always open for dialogue.

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