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Переход на русскоязычную версию официального сайта завода по производству светодиодных светильников компании "Good Light"


The company "Good Luck" was founded in March 2003 in Tula. The main focus of our activity was the design and manufacture of electronic equipment. Since then, thanks to constant monitoring of the latest and most promising areas in business, Good Luck has been actively involved in their development. To satisfy the needs of customers at the highest level, to manufacture products competitive, quality, different from others - these are the main tasks that the company’s specialists set for themselves. At the beginning of the new century, a global breakthrough in the gambling business took place in our country, and we could not disregard this market. Very soon, Good Luck became one of the leading manufacturers of gambling equipment in Russia. The initial direction of the company was the design, manufacture and sale of children’s slot machines such as “Crane Machine” (the principle of the game is the ability to grab a prize in the form of a soft toy), as well as slot machines of the type “Column” (game principle: the luck of winning a winning combination of random numbers)

Thanks to the efforts of the company's professional team, the product line has gradually expanded. Over the next 3 years, more than 50 types of slot machines were produced: Slot machine, Game roulettes, Game pavilions "Daisy". Good Luck specialists have developed exclusive (the only ones in Russia!) Slot machines: Cube, Magic Dinosaur, Landing Party, Empire, Tsar Cannon, Chance, Pinball, Treasure Island "," Surprise "," Magic Fruit "," Blitz Lottery "and many others. At the same time, the release of game programs for popular slot machines was established. Good Luck slot machines have always been of high build quality and a stylish, attractive design. All products manufactured by the company are certified. “Good Luck”, having reliable partners in Taiwan, was actively engaged in the sale of components for the production and repair of gaming machines on the Russian market. Our branches were opened in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kirov, Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Yaroslavl, Murmansk and other cities of Russia. Branches also appeared in Ukraine: in Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Simferopol, as well as in Kazakhstan, in the city of Almaty. The company actively participated in annual gambling exhibitions in Moscow, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. Photo. Video. Diplomas. Thanks to such a dynamic development of the company, very soon publications on the activities of Good Luck appeared in specialized publications of the gambling business. In 2007, our company took part in the development and implementation of the first Russian television lotteries using bets by receiving SMS messages from viewers within the framework of the RTS company.

In 2007-2009, Good Luck engineers serviced gaming equipment and electronic devices in various cities of Russia. It is worth noting that such a success in development would hardly have been achieved in the absence of a clearly working professional team. About 200 specialists, a quality control department, and, of course, a design bureau worked at the company’s production. At any Good Luck site, there have always been competent and reliable people who can solve any problems. Perhaps that is why the change of activity for Good Luck was almost painless.

And already in 2010, the company began work in a relevant and very modern direction in the development and production of lighting equipment based on LEDs. This is the main field of activity of the company today. In the same year, the specialists of our company also invented and patented the world's only “smart” non-dazzling headlight for cars. Our products still meet the highest standards and continue to delight our customers with excellent quality and reasonable price. Finding new business, creative solutions, constantly analyzing the situation and not being afraid to think outside the box, improve and develop is the motto of Good Luck.